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Created 22-May-17
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A few images from 20th May 2017, the final day of the Dean Forest Railway's Wartime Forest Steam Gala, featuring three Austerity 0-6-0ST steam locomotives.
EOS 5D Mark III_170521_1442EOS 5D Mark III_170521_1446EOS 5D Mark III_170521_1452EOS 5D Mark III_170521_1479EOS 5D Mark III_170521_1488EOS 5D Mark III_170521_1502EOS 5D Mark III_170521_1506EOS 5D Mark III_170521_1521EOS 5D Mark III_170521_1538EOS 5D Mark III_170521_1543EOS 5D Mark III_170521_1550EOS 5D Mark III_170521_1556EOS 5D Mark III_170521_1582EOS 5D Mark III_170521_1592EOS 5D Mark III_170521_1603EOS 5D Mark III_170521_1626EOS 5D Mark III_170521_1635EOS 5D Mark III_170521_1645

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