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Created 25-Feb-12
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A visit to the South Devon Railway for their Easter Gala on 4th April 2010. A highlight was the visit of two locomotives from a mainline special, Nos. 44871 and 70013 Oliver Cromwell, which were booked to spend the night at Buckfastleigh. Naturally, they were expected to earn their keep, though Black Five No. 44871 was to suffer a mishap when its tender wheels derailed near Nappers Crossing though fortunately without serious damage to either locomotive or track.
5786 at Caddaford I5786 at Caddaford II5786 at Caddaford III5526 at Caddaford I5526 at Caddaford II5526Buckfastleigh Station5786 at Buckfastleigh3803 at Staverton I3803 at Staverton II3803 at Staverton III3803 at Staverton IV70013 at Nappers Crossing I70013 at Nappers Crossing II70013 at Nappers Crossing III5526 at Bishops Bridge I5526 at Bishops Bridge II5526 at Bishops Bridge III5526 at Bishops Bridge IV44871 at Staverton

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