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Created 1-Jul-12
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My annual visit to the Dean Forest Railway's Great Western Branchline weekend.
9681 at NorchardFirst TrainAwaiting the offAutotrain to Parkend9681 at St Mary's Halt I5521 at St. Mary's Halt IChaffinch at St. Mary's Halt1401 at St. Mary's Halt9681 at St. Mary's Halt II9681 at St. Mary's Halt III5521 at St. Mary's Halt II9681 at Whitecroft I9681 at Whitecroft II5521 at Whitecroft1401 in the Forest of Dean I1401 in the Forest of Dean IIDouble-HeaderReturn to Lydney Junction IReturn to Lydney Junction IIRunning Round at Lydney Junction I

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