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Created 9-Apr-17
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My second visit to the SVR within a month, this time for their annual shareholders' event. Some brilliant Spring sunshine helped enormously!
EOS 5D Mark III_170408_0641EOS 5D Mark III_170408_0644EOS 5D Mark III_170408_0653-2EOS 5D Mark III_170408_0662EOS 5D Mark III_170408_0671EOS 5D Mark III_170408_0677EOS 5D Mark III_170408_0678EOS 5D Mark III_170408_0681EOS 5D Mark III_170408_0689EOS 5D Mark III_170408_0697EOS 5D Mark III_170408_0709EOS 5D Mark III_170408_0721EOS 5D Mark III_170408_0734EOS 5D Mark III_170408_0750EOS 5D Mark III_170408_0759EOS 5D Mark III_170408_0764EOS 5D Mark III_170408_0767EOS 5D Mark III_170408_0772EOS 5D Mark III_170408_0782EOS 5D Mark III_170408_0809

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