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Created 26-Aug-12
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Three days based in Pickering, visiting the NYMR, over the August Bank Holiday weekend.
80072 at Moorgates92214 at Goathland I92214 at Goathland II92214 at Goathland III92214 at Goathland IV75029 at Fen Bogs80072 at Pickering I80072 at Pickeing II45428 at Pickering I45428 at Pickering II45428 at Pickering IIINER Empire80072 at Pickering III75029 at Darnholm45428 at Moorgates75029 at Ruswarp92214 at Grosmont I75029 at Grosmont I45428 at Grosmont I45428 at Grosmont II

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Keywords:Goathland, Grosmont, NYMR, North Yprk Moors Railway, Pickering