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Created 27-Feb-12
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I was able to spend a full weekend at the Bluebell Railway for their 40th Anniversary Gala, though I did spend most of Saturday as a volunteer on the A1SLT sales stand - despite the locomotive being unable to attend because of boiler problems.
FR 20 at Kingscote IFR 20 at Kingscote IIShuttle to Imberhorne South80151 at Kingscote1638 and B473 at Mill Place80151 at Mill Place34059 at Birch FarmE4 No. B473 at Birch Farm IE4 No. B473 at Birch Farm II178 at Birch FarmFenchurch at Birch FarmFenchurh at West HoathlyEOS 50D7487_DxOSir Archibald at West Hoathly34059 at West HoathlyB473 & 1638 at West Hoathley21C123 at Horsted KeynesBlue Circle at Horsted Keynes80151 passing Cinder Hill34059 passing Cinder Hill

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