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Created 1-Apr-12
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Saturday 31st March saw me at Great Central Railway for their 1960's gala. As far as the weather went, I certainly chose the worst day of the weekend with blanket cloud cover and a chilly wind blowing all day, but as always at the GCR, the show was never going to be less than great. I spent most of the day around Swithland Sidings, which now have the appearance of a length of four track mainline when the passing loops are clear of stock awaiting the restorer's attentions.
48624 & 46521 at Swithland63601 at Swithland22 at Swithland I78019 at Swithland4953 at SwithlandDMU at Swithland47406 at Swithland Box I47406 at Swithland Box II47406 at Swithland Box IIISwithland Box22 at Swithland II22 at Swithland III46521 at Swithland I46521 at Swithland II46521 at Swithland III46521 at Swithland IV78019 at Swithland I78019 at Swithland II78019 at Swithland III4953 at Swithland II

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