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Created 19-Mar-17
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This year's Spring Steam Gala at the Severn Valley Railway featured three guest locomotives and the gala debut of no. 7714 from the home fleet. The images in this gallery were all taken on March 18th, the second day of the gala.
EOS 5D Mark III_170318_0128EOS 5D Mark III_170318_0141EOS 5D Mark III_170318_0146EOS 5D Mark III_170318_0149EOS 5D Mark III_170318_0159EOS 5D Mark III_170318_0178EOS 5D Mark III_170318_0183EOS 5D Mark III_170318_0210EOS 5D Mark III_170318_0213EOS 5D Mark III_170318_0214EOS 5D Mark III_170318_0220EOS 5D Mark III_170318_0247-2EOS 5D Mark III_170318_0260-2EOS 5D Mark III_170318_0268-2EOS 5D Mark III_170318_0276EOS 5D Mark III_170318_0287EOS 5D Mark III_170318_0298EOS 5D Mark III_170318_0301EOS 5D Mark III_170318_0309EOS 5D Mark III_170318_0317

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