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Created 6-Oct-12
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The first all chimney first steam gala in preservation history - a great achievement for the Wizzer. Featuring four guest engines alongside members of the home fleet.
43106 at Stogumber I43106 at Stogumber II43106 at Stogumber III4936 at Stogumber I4936 at Stogumber II4936 at Stogumber III45379 at Leigh Wood I45379 at Leigh Wood II45379 at Leigh Wood III92203 on Washford Bank I92203 on Washford Bank II7828 on Shed I7828 on Shed IIOn Shed at Minehead IOn Shed at Minehead IIOn Shed at Minehead IIIOn Shed at Minehead IVAt Minehead7828 on Shed IIIOn Minehead Turntable I

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